Yunguburra Weddings – Eden House.

We love any opportunity to take wedding photos in the Atherton Tablelands.  Ryan and Teneale’s wedding was no exception. They actually met in grade one at primary school but if you didn’t know that,  you’d swear they’d fallen in love a week before the wedding : )

Their day was comprised of beautiful family and friends, lot’s of cute kids, the family pets, a sweet little country chapel, amazing Tableland colours and landscapes and lot’s of glorious sunlight.

Teneale chats to us below..



How did you meet?

Ryan and I met at school. We had been friends since year one and started a long distance romance after year twelve.

Describe the proposal? 

Torrential rain! Ryan had organised a picnic with bits and pieces from our travels together. There were cherries from Young, strawberries and cream to tie in our adventures at Wimbledon, baguettes and cheese from a French bakery and an organised Vespa ride which was cancelled due to the rain.

How did you decide on a place to celebrate your wedding day?

The choice for us was easy. We loved Eden house (our reception venue) in Yungaburra and thought the idea of having the church just up the hill from the reception meant that our guests could walk around the heritage town and enjoy some of the charm.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress:

I had a couple of ideas in mind but when we went looking there wasn’t anything that brought all the ideas together. Mum and I went to Townsville to meet with my Aunty where we hit the bridal boutiques. My Aunty actually picked my dress and although I was apprehensive about how it looked on the rack once I tried it on I was sold.

Describe your wedding flowers:

Ryan’s Mum created our wedding flowers. We gave her some ideas from magazines and she sourced the roses from local farms. My big request was simple and elegant and she pulled this together beautifully.

Describe your wedding cake: 

Our cake was made by Lyndsey Crossland from Cupcake Creations in Cairns. I took in an idea from a magazine and she worked her magic from there. I was keen to use cupcakes as a base for a cake as my Sisters-in-law had done the same so it was a bit of a new tradition continuing on.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while planning your big day?  

Our inability to make decisions and trying to juggle the traditional aspects we wanted with the uniqueness of us as a couple. We also had a very difficult time ensuring our guest list mirrored all the amazing people we have met as a couple.

What was the most memorable moment about your wedding day?
We asked my Grandmother and Ryan’s Grandfather to sign our marriage certificate. For us it symbolized the joining of two families and the recognition of their roles in our family. The surprise slide show that our groomsmen organised at the reception. As we had such a mixture of guests from different times in our lives the slide show was a great opportunity to piece our lives and relationship together. It was the most precious gift.

Did you write your own vows?

We kept some elements of our vows traditional and then also incorporated some readings and prayers that meant something to us as a couple.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?  

Ryan had organised our honeymoon as a surprise. So our trip to Port Douglas ended up with six glorious days in Samoa!

What’s next for you guys? 

We are still coming down from the high of the our wedding celebration and are on the countdown as our first baby is due at the end of July.