Jake and Elise

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How did you meet?

My husband Jake and I met at my sister’s party around 8 years ago. funnily enough Jake was a friend of hers. We started out just chatting and hanging out, I didn’t really think much of it. He was obviously pretty cute but  I remember thinking he was super young and it was just a bit of fun. It turns out that we had a date not long after and were pretty much inseparable. He was always a bit of a charmer! 

Describe the proposal?

Well, for us things happened a little differently. Our daughter Isabella was born in December 2012 and that really rocked our worlds, in an amazing way! I’ve always enjoyed living in the moment so I never wanted to be engaged until we were ready to celebrate without having a really young baby. We had our one-year anniversary at the Balgownie estate in the Yarra Valley, Melbourne so being the charmer he is Jake organised a private weekend away for us just after Isabella’s first birthday. It was so amazingly nice to have the weekend together drinking wine, eating copious amounts of delicious foods & indulging in a much-needed spa treatment. He proposed on the eve of our dinner beside a dam at sunset. I just remember him trembling and being so nervous, that I actually felt bad for him! In my eyes, it was perfect. 

How did you decide on a place to celebrate your wedding day?

An intimate wedding was something we were set on, especially after having Isabella. We knew we definitely wanted a destination wedding with our closest friends & family. We both have small families so that made it easier. Throughout the years we had spent a huge amount of time up in Port Douglas, my parents lived there for about 7 years so for us it was a great place to combine seeing family with adventure with a hint of tropical goodness. Jake has always been super relaxed so this was also appealing to him. We spent so many fun times up there that we knew it held a special place in our hearts. We decided that our ceremony would be at Little cove & that our reception would be at The Sugar Wharf. Two uniquely superb venues. I am pretty particular when it comes to style so having both of these venues enables me to have a blank canvas with no set designs/styles. I worked with Deb From The Vintage hire company. She was pretty amazing and I would recommend her to anyone considering a wedding up in Port Douglas. 

Food was also a really important factor for Jake and I.  We knew we wanted it to be superb with bit platters of food, lots of seafood and fresh produce. We chose Port Douglas catering and they were completely flawless. We were told it was the best food some of our guests had ever eaten. 

Tell us about finding your wedding dress:

I had my heart set on the ‘Grace Loves Lace’ Hollie dress,  even before I was engaged. Believe it or not I only ever tried this dress on, actually no when my sister and I flew up to Burleigh heads for a fitting she forced me to try one at least one more! Choosing a dress for me was about simplicity and something feminine with a beachy bride vibe. 

Describe your wedding flowers:

I wanted a really loose bouquet. Very free flowing with some rich pinks & plums. I wanted a huge amount of green foliage to be a part too. The girls at floral edge were so talented. They made all of our flower crowns, my bouquet & did all the flowers and styling for the ceremony & reception. 

Describe your wedding cake:

A Vanilla white chocolate sponge with Caramel (Jakes favourite) I must say that was probably the most interest he showed when planning the wedding, choosing the cake flavour! It was a small cake with a cup cake Tier. This was made by Port Douglas Catering. It was so tasty! 

Did you write your own vows? 

We did! About 2 weeks prior we sat together and wrote them. We had no idea what one another would say. It was from the heart and I will never forget the kind words spoken. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced while planning your big day? What was the most memorable moment about your wedding day?

Probably the logistics. We are from Melbourne so just planning everything from afar. I worked so hard on making sure it was all under control. It’s seriously one of the most daunting tasks I have ever done. I was nervous about how it was going to be pulled together but once we arrived we knew that the event planner, Kristy from Port douglas catering & Deb from the Vintage hire company had it all covered,

What was the most memorable moment about your wedding day?

The most memorable moment would have been arriving at Little Cove at the alter and having all of our friends & family there with us. Seeing my handsome normally scruffy tradie husband looking very sharp! Also the waves crashing behind us and feeling like we were just ‘in the moment’ together. It was total bliss!