Alex and Zach, Alamanda and Nunu – Palm Cove


Whilst sunshine and lollipops is an ideal atmosphere for weddings, rain with a chance of rain sometimes shows up instead.

The most important thing about any wedding day aside from the celebration of love, is the collection of people you’ve brought together and the absolute respect they have for you. When the candles have gone out and the champas bottle is empty ( boo! ) these are the people that will stand by you when time gets tough. Love, beautiful family and rock solid friends are what’s important, not the rain bit.

We chat to Alex and Zac below. The weather was shitty, but you’ll notice they made no mention of it.

It was an amazing day.

Special mention to Zach’s mum for the beaut job of the florals, the consistently amazing food by Nunu and The Vintage Hire Company who breathe life into each and every scene they create.

How did you meet? 

We met in Wanganui, Zach’s hometown in New Zealand. Zach’s parents employed Alex to be a waitress, and six years later got her as a daughter-in-law!

Describe the proposal

On Alex’s birthday – just like his father proposing to his mother – Zach took Alex out to lunch at a nice restaurant. He popped the question over dessert, and brought her back home for a surprise joint birthday/engagement party. Luckily, she had said yes!

How did you decide on a place to celebrate your wedding day?

Another birthday story: during our first overseas holiday together we took a break from backpacking North Queensland to stay a night in a nice hotel in Palm Cove for Alex’s birthday. We instantly fell in love with the place, and 6 years later had the opportunity to come full circle.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress:

Alex hunted high and low in Townsville; to no avail. Within forty-five minutes of arriving in Cairns she had found the one.

Describe your wedding flowers:

Lovingly and painstakingly crafted by Alex’s mother and close friend the day before the wedding. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and personal touch.

Describe your wedding cake: 

We went semi-naked. The cake did, too. A tropical mixture of lemon and mango layers with buttercream icing, decorated beautifully by Alex’s mother, who arranged the flowers.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while planning your big day?  

The logistics of organizing people coming from three different countries into one small town for a two week holiday – all the while trying to arrange a wedding.

What was the most memorable moment about your wedding day?

For Alex – Zach’s speech, or walking down the aisle, or the first dance. Somebody had a hard time picking just one!

For Zach – seeing Alex smile as she walked down the aisle

Did you write your own vows?

No, we wanted to keep it traditional.

Where did you go for your honey moon?

We stayed on to spend time with our family and friends who had travelled from overseas to be with us for the wedding day. A honeymoon is in the pipeline, and we are currently planning a trip across South East Asia together in the near future.

What’s next for you guys? 

The honeymoon is looking like our next great adventure together. Following that, it will be whatever life throws our way. Don’t tell Zach, but possibly babies!

Who were your suppliers on the day?

Theming – Vintage Hire Company

Reception Venue – Nu Nu Restaurant

Ceremony Venue – Alamanda Chapel/South Pacific Bridal

Cake – Passion for Cakes

Dress – Devine Bridal

Suits – Victor Mellick

Music – Cairns Premier Entertainment

Photography – Sass

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