What ‘style’ is your photography?

Our photography style would best be described as a mix of photojournalism and natural portraiture… Candid images, details and the natural flow of your wedding is what we do best.
We like to keep things light-hearted and fun, feature the beautiful landscapes in which we work and make sure that all the special little things that make up a wedding day don’t go unnoticed.

What packages and prices do you offer?

We offer wedding day photography coverage from $2900, including getting ready, the ceremony, family/group/couple and bridal party photos, locations as needed and the first hour of the reception.  Further coverage into the evening is available as are plenty of other options.

What about albums?

We always suggest an album as its a great tangible reminder of your day after all is said and done.  We offer the best albums available from Queensberry – an incredible conversation piece made from the finest materials to hold dear for a lifetime.

Are the photos edited and do we get all the images taken on the day?

As part of the editing process we go through and remove the eyes closed, tongue hanging out and other less than desirable photos.  The rest are adjusted for colour, contrast etc and you get a great collection of images ready to print or share:)  The number of final images varies but it’s often 600+.

My make up artist asked – how long before my ceremony does the hair and makeup need to be done?

1.5 hours is a good guess. Whilst it’s best not to be putting on the heels as you run down the aisle, sitting around fully dressed after breakfast is not great either.  We like to be around during the fun and chaos of getting ready and prefer you ignore us most of the time.

How long should I allow for my photo shoot?

1.5 to 2 hours is great but its really flexible and depends on your preferences.  We have completed couple portraits where no more than 10 minutes was allocated and others that took in hundreds of kilometres and 4+ hours.  If you aren’t really into styled portraits then we’ll just shoot what happens on the day, no problem at all.  If you would like some nice natural looking but directed pics, these need a bit of time.  Finding the right backdrop and great light, organising bridal party folk from one location to the next, fixing lipstick, etc etc, it all takes time and you will find a couple of hours can go quickly.  Bring a few drinks and snacks for you and your bridal party to help things along 😉

Can all my friends take photos at the wedding?

Sure, we only ask that your super keen uncle/cousin/friend takes it easy during the ceremony and stays behind on the photo shoot.  Working around another photographer can get tricky for you and us. We find that at many weddings there are HEAPS of camera toting friends and relatives and it’s usually all good.  If however you would prefer that your guests were watching the wedding and not frowning into the iPad or adjusting their camera settings then how about an unplugged wedding? See below….

What is an unplugged wedding?

One where people are there to enjoy the wedding more so than trying really hard to photograph and film every minute from every angle.   You can mention this in your invites or get the celebrant to bring it up at the ceremony and also explain that guests can get copies of the photos we take.

Will the tides and sunsets affect my wedding?

Yes… and so could the wind, rain, moon phase etc.  We will work with whatever happens but do bear in mind that some nice light is good for photography.  Sunset in the tropics is 6ish in winter and the as late as 7 in summer.  There is not a long twilight, the light can be intense and then quickly it gets dark once the sun goes down.  If you are planning a very early or late ceremony, have a chat to us about options for your photos.

What do you think about spray tans?

Grits teeth, they are fine but less is more. Try 1 pass not 2, know the brand. Choose someone who is experienced for the application, have a trial where possible.

Can I put pink with red?


What happens if it rains?

Embrace the conditions and roll with it. Umbrellas, duck in and out of cover or find a cool bar to chill in til it passes. It’s not cold, it’s the tropics!  We have seen a bride completely distraught over a light shower and another smile all the way through a wet and miserable outdoor ceremony AND reception..  A wedding is more about the people coming together and the shared experience than everything being perfect.

What happens if my photographer gets gastro, dengue fever and leprosy and his/her arms fall off.

Ben and Cath have not had a sick day in 10 years.  Seriously.  It’s not allowed, so we’ve both shot with nasty flus, middle ear infections, food poisoning and a broken finger ( that was fun ) We have shot weddings together and separately for years, so firstly, we cover each other, secondly we work closely with a network of great photographers in Far North Qld who have a fabulous camaraderie and would help us out in a flash.  If all the photographers are booked and Cath and Ben have been eaten by crocodiles, we will give you a refund (or our mums will cause we’ll be umm… indisposed).

How long does it take to get my photos back?
On average 4-6 weeks, sometimes sooner, sometimes a bit longer depending on the time of year. If however, you email us every day of the 4 weeks ‘checking in’ we will panic and rush and the end result will be less fabulous. It will take a bit longer at peak times (June – October)

Do I own copyright of my images?

Yes and No.  You are welcome to use images for anything personal, print away to your hearts content.  We retain copyright so as that we can use images for advertising and such, but if you have a problem with this, tell us and we will work it out.

How can I achieve natural looking photos?

Most importantly, be yourself and enjoy your day.  Don’t sweat the finer details of the hair/makeup/dress – much more important is capturing the fun moments and emotional interactions of the day, let them happen…. On the photoshoot you can be playful together, smile and joke around, practice your dance, tell each other cheeky jokes, and enjoy each other!  Keep smiling (even if your shoes are killing you, beauty is pain, and don’t you forget it).  Alcohol helps take the edge off being in the spot light. Allocate a Best gal or Best boy to pack an esky.

If however you are the type of bride or groom mostly found staring at your toes and muttering, don’t panic, we can help.  We are cool with directing you and telling you where to stand/look etc if needed.

We’re REALLY not into being away from our guests for a typical photoshoot, what sugestions do you have?

1. Before ceremony photoshoot…. This works well and takes the pressure of after the ceremony meaning more party time!  It’s also a good way to get a bit of quality time for the two of you in an otherwise hectic day.

2. Candid, documentary style photography throughout the day, with perhaps 15 minutes here and there when the light is nice for some pretty photos.

Do you have any other tips?

Sure – if the getting ready story is important to you, choose a room/ house with lots of space and natural light.  Even some of the nicest hotels have dark rooms that end up crowded, so choose carefully.

Organise your family members, or allocate us a wedding helper,
The family photo part of day, as wonderful as it is, can sometimes be time consuming, when lets face it, you and your guest have the common goal great food and lots of booze.

Do I need to arrange meals for the photographer?

We don’t make any demands but greatly appreciate a meal at the reception at a similar time to you, that way we don’t miss a trick or pass out hungry.

Anything else?

Of the 500ish weddings we have been lucky enough to attend, many have had beautiful settings, stylish decorations, first class food and designer dresses.  Vintage theming and spectacular venues are great, but those that really stand out are ones where the focus was more on the celebration of 2 people and 2 families coming together, old friends reuniting and a good time being had by all.   One in particular involved DIY theming at a beach house, take away pizza and home made salads but a very loved up couple and a whole lot of laughs.  Not necessarily suggesting you go there with the take away but remember its about love and good times, the best photos are those that capture the essence of those two things.

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